Why Vacuum Cleaner Hospital chose to carry Miele vacuums

In the world of vacuum cleaner retail, brands come and go and so do the companies that make them.  We happen to be lucky to have gotten connected with Miele, a quality, family owned company in Germany, many years ago.  Fortunately, Miele has grown over the years just like Vacuum Cleaner Hospital.
My first exposure to Miele (pronounced Mee-lah) was at the 1988 Vacuum Dealers Trade Association (VDTA) show.  What caught my eye was one of the representatives tossing the vacuum about 10 – 15 feet across the carpet and seeing it land intact.  If a piece came off the vacuum, it snapped back in place and wasn’t broken.  The Miele vacuum cleaner line intrigued me because of its durability and strong suction.  By 1994, Miele had put a power nozzle in the box with the same canister and called it the Series 10 since it had been 10 years since Miele entered the US market.
What got me to carry the brand was a customer who came in and asked if we could get her one because she lost hers in a divorce.  After that, she ordered one for her sister and mom and then a few other people bought them.  In 1992 that sales begin to take off when Miele packaged a turbo (air-driven) nozzle in the box with the canister.  It was called the Flamenco and we sold a good number of those.
From the mid-90’s, we’ve always carried at least 8 – 10 models and that’s grown to around 18 today.  We are frequently asked “what makes Miele special?”  There are 3 characteristics that Miele vacuum cleaners are known for: very quiet operation, extremely high filtration and very versatile.  I could easily add ‘stylish, well-engineered and easy to maneuver’.  We’ve never sold a vacuum brand that’s had the customer satisfaction - some call it ‘love’ – that Miele has.
As the business owner, I appreciate the fact that they are a 113 year, fourth generation family owned company that doesn’t have to answer to the demands of the marketplace.  In fact, Miele is so financially strong, they've never had to borrow a penny (or ‘mark’) in their entire history; much to chagrin of the German banks I’m told. 
Their design is very well thought out and they don’t try to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every few years like a lot of the other vacuum manufacturers.    Yes, they’re stylish and attractive but logical function is much more important.  Their motto has always been ‘Immer Besser’ or Forever Better and I think that exemplifies the approach they’ve taken in their design. 
Although they don’t use the slogan “the best example of German engineering on three wheels” any longer (pre-upright era), I believe it really is true. The biggest advantage of buying in our retail store is that customer needs in a vacuum is matched the right model for their home and the security that Vacuum Cleaner Hospital is an authorized Miele Warranty Center.  Visit our Miele page.

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