The Product 20 Year Club

The integrity of Vacuum Cleaner Hospital products has long been one of the hallmarks of our reputation during our 30 years in business.  I was recently telling a customer about how long we carried a particular product and it occurred to me that there are many products we have carried for 20 years or more.

Here are the other products of the 'Over 20 Year Club': Miele vacuums, Hoover, MD central vacuums, Sanitaire Commercial Uprights, Bona Hardwood Cleaner, Wool Shop dusters, Tech Stain Remover, Kleenco Chemicals and Hoky carpet sweepers.  Almost making the club is IQ Air purifiers at 18 years.

Surprisingly, the item we have carried the longest is the Eureka Mighty Mite compact canister; it's been part of vacuum cleaner line-up since we opened in March 1986.

Having products in the 20 year club means three things for our clientele:
  • You can buy with confidence that we will continue to support these products because we don't want to carry products that are a 'flash in the pan'.  The three key people on our staff have been here as long as some of the products so they have a unmatched knowledge base of each product.
  • We can match your particular lifestyle and cleaning needs to combinations of these products and other 'Essentials for Clean Living'.
  • We carefully hand pick which products we feel are unique and you will benefit from. Case in point, we debated almost 3 years about bringing in the Lampe Berger air freshener lamps from France but they're doing very well in the 5 months we've carried the line. We should have done it sooner! Of course we've had a few picks that turned out as well as we hoped but that's retail!
We welcome your suggestions about what you'd like to see us carry. Our guiding principle correlates to our slogan 'Essentials for Clean Living'. If we feel a product would delight or improve someone's ability to clean their house, then we would certainly consider it.

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