Indoor Air Quality Specialists

One of the things we pride ourselves on at the Vacuum Cleaner Hospital is being the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions specialist.  Whether it's a Miele vacuum with a HEPA filter, or the IQ Air line of air purifiers, we've got answers to the IAQ dilemma's in your home. 

For example, recently we were able to provide a solution to a grave problem a woman was having in her home she recently had moved into.  Her issues were mold spores and off-gassing of some furnishings.  She wasn't quite sure what the source of the off-gassing was, but it was giving her a scratchy throat and irritated eyes.  She was especially concerned about the mold and rightly so.  Our solution was the IQ Air Multi-Gas, which is a unique product in the air purification market.  The Multi-Gas can eliminate over 300 harmful gasses, odors and also does a great job removing dust, mold, pollen and other particulates from the air in your home.

Just this week I talked to someone from Sanford who is buying a house in Cary and he said they saw my homemade YouTube video of the  IQ Air Perfect 16 .  His wife told him it looked like "just the thing they needed to make their house less dusty" and indeed it will! I've had this one in my HVAC system for almost 5 years and our 56+ year old house is virtually dust free.

IQAir Perfect 16

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